Instruction and Tips on using the VENDOR DASHBOARD


Once payment is complete you will have access to the site. Click on the ‘VENDOR DASHBOARD‘ tab and Select the ‘Vendor Dashboard’

This is where you have many choices. 


To add a product choose the PRODUCT tab then ADD NEW PRODUCT and fill out all the information. Put in your first item and save it. (If it does not let you enter the quantity please let us know. It is a glitch ONLY on the first item, we are working on the fix)

If you choose to CREATE AND ADD NEW then you will need to go to your products list and edit each to add the additional information.

If you choose to CREATE PRODUCT it will take you to the EDIT PRODUCT screen automatically where you can add important information.


EDIT PRODUCT– Be sure to choose a product category, this will help customers find your item

PRODUCT TYPE- If you are a SILVER VENDOR you have the option of putting in a VARIABLE. Click HERE for instructions.

PRICE- Enter the REGULAR and the SALE price INCLUDING tax and Shipping the item in the  PRICE section. 

CATEGORY- This is important as it will be displayed as a widget next to your store page. If there is not one you need create one.

TAGS- Much like the categories it helps in the search widgets on the store page and in SEO searches for your product.

ENTER A SHORT DESCRIPTION– this will appear just below your product on the store page. If you want to show a 

ENTER A DESCRIPTION– This will appear when a customer click on your product on the store page. 

INVENTORY– it is IMPORTANT to add the quantity available, To do this you must check the box ‘Enable product stock management. Enter the amount and the amount you consider low stock that will trigger an email to let you know.

TAXES- Vendors are responsible to pay the tax on the products they sell through this site so be sure to include the tax amount in the price you have listed.

SHIPPING AND TAX– We have decided it is MUCH easier for you to include this in the PRICE section, see above. 

LINKED PRODUCT- If you have a similar item or a cross-sell select them here so they get displayed when a customer chooses this item.

BULK DISCOUNT-  If you want to offer a discount for buying a number of items enter it in this section


ORDER– The order tab of the vendor dashboard is where the orders customers place will appear. You will receive an email each time a order is made for your product. This part of the dashboard will tell you the status of the order and, depending on your settings, you will need to mark it complete AFTER you have shipped it.


COUPONS– You have the ability to create coupons that you can send to your customers.


SETTINGS– This tab opens a sub menu section with many other, important, tabs

STORE– This is where you can set you Store Banner and the your profile picture/icon. It is also where you can set some important information. Since this is a virtual store be sure to check the box to hide the store hours. The SUPPORT option will let the customers contact you directly sending their inquiries to the email associated with your account.

PAYMENT– be sure this is your pay pal email where you want the money sent from sales of your products.