Instruction and Tips on Becoming a Virtual Vendor on the BREADLOAF BOOKSTORE website


Click on the menu “REGISTRATION and select the ‘I AM A VENDOR’ option on the right column under the password field” 

1. Fill out the ENTIRE form.

2. The email you use will be where notifications of customer purchases of your products will be sent including their name and shipping information.

3. Enter your shop name. This will be integrated into our website URL to generate your shop within our shop. So like a Mall or Bazaar customers can choose to see just your items by using that URL or by going to the ‘Vendor List’ choice on the menu and choosing the VISIT STORE choice on your profile.

4. Accept the terms and conditions and click REGISTER at the bottom of the page.

5. There is only one vendor package at this time so it will be chosen for you.

6. The site will take you to the check out page to process any payment that may be needed. YOU MUST COMPLETE CHECKOUT EVEN IF ITS FREE  else the site will not recognize that you have a vendor account.

7. After the checkout page you will be taken to the Setup screen WELCOME TO THE MARKETPLACE. You can set up your store now or wait until later, after payment, through the Vendor Dashboard menu tab. Fill out part one of the form with all the correct information. You can choose later if you want this displayed to customers.

8. Once you complete the set up OR if you skipped you will see new menu options on your screen including VENDOR DASHBOARD where you can enter the information,  from step 7, and enter your products and other information, See the Vendor Dashboard Tips and Tricks for help.

You can click HERE to register.